Make Use of Available Resources to Locate an Elder Abuse Attorney

Many people are confronted with the decision to put their loved one under a private caregiver or in a long-term care facility to take good care of them. In these situations, the decisions never come easy, and the majority of people wish to provide the elderly people with all the care they need. However, the reality is many times, people can’t do it alone. As the population is increasing exponentially, so are the care options that are obtainable for them. Sadly, the occurrences of elder abuse are growing in leaps and bounds over the last few decades.

According to estimates, more than a million elders are mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially abused in the US alone. So, the need to hire California elder abuse attorneys becomes highly essential. As a family member, you would always attempt to prevent your elder person from turning victim of elder abuse. When you wish to hire a skilled elder law attorney, then you have to use various options that are obtainable to you. You can get referrals from family and friends. Again, you can do online research too to get an elder abuse attorney. You can also locate a local elder attorney through Find Law’s attorney directory.

How does an attorney help?

An elder abuse attorney can aid a person with any one of the below-mentioned points:

  • Have a discussion with you regarding the significance of wills as well as estate planning, like comprising planning meant for an adult or minor with particular requirements, probate proceedings, and various other matters.
  • Develop a strong power-of-attorney.
  • Propose assistance with health care and planning that includes patient rights, long-term care options, Medicare, and health care power-of-attorney.
  • Guardianship – Involves helping choose and appoint a lawful guardian.
  • Financial representation – It includes financial planning that provides for durable financial power-of-attorney, income, housing opportunities and planning, gift tax, and estate matters.
  • Assist in locating long-term care facilities besides managing assisted living cost.
  • Draft a living will or various other advance directives that include a strong power-of-attorney and long-range planning documents.
  • Explain nursing home resident privileges and aid in filing nursing home claims.

Choosing an attorney

While selecting an attorney, you must consider the following things:

  • The level of comfort – You must be comfortable with the attorney regarding telling him/her about your personal details. The attorney should be interested in resolving the problems.
  • Credentials – The amount of time for which this attorney has been practicing. Additionally, you have to notice whether this attorney has worked on various other cases that were similar to your case or not.
  • City – Whether or not the attorney’s office is located conveniently.
  • Cost – You must see if your attorney’s fees are structured. Does he charge on an hourly basis or a flat fee?

Generally, the California elder abuse attorneys charge by the hour based on the kind of work. Again, in some cases, these attorneys charge a prearranged flat rate charge, which is based on the type of work, like signing, and review of documents, will preparation, and filing of tax returns.